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We're a global consultancy, specializing in delivering the benefits of Open Source software to the commercial world. We enable our clients to develop the best solutions, whether writing a line of code, or shaping a longer-term strategic software development plan. By harnessing the potential of community-driven Open Source projects, and re-using existing components, we help our clients reduce time to market and focus on creating product differentiation.

We are proud to be one of the most experienced team of professionals working in Lahore, Pakistan. We work with our global clients & partners mainly from USA, Canada, UK, Middle East & Pakistan. Sitting in the heart of Pakistan (Lahore) we are well connected with the youth of Pakistan ready to take any digital challenges you have.

At AbmaSoft we are open source enthusiasts. And without a doubt, it offers the best security, scalability, and performance - most importantly its backed by hundreds of thousands open source software developers making it an undefeatable workforce.

We deal in customization, deployment, and training of a wide range of open source software including web content management systems, file sharing, video conferencing, team management, intranet portals, CRM, ERP, e-Commerce and more. Visit AbmaSoft Technologies for the complete list of technologies you can use to automate your business processes.

Your specific business requirements are analyzed by experts at AbmaSoft and propose the most efficient and effective technologies available today for your future needs. We make you part of our business family benefiting from the amazing open source applications ready to use. Follow our Blog to get latest updates.

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It's time to move on the next level of software technology solutions and take complete control over your valuable business information and processes. Enjoy the freedom of cloud, build on latest technologies and connect with your clients and workers in real time.

AbmaSoft also invests into developing modern applications to solve issues we face as we progress. We invest into creative and innovative brains and build teams to convert ideas and dreams into reality. Our experience in the Information Technology sector has enabled us to design a unique HR system and we make our workforce a stakeholder in the company. Developing unbreakable affiliation with the company and making it a home for their next generations.

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