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Dedicated Teams

Is your project mission critical?

Learn about dedicated teams at AbmaSoft who can help achieve your goals with a proven management system

No matter you need a single resource or a full squad. We provide you resources with proven skills and experience to fulfill their responsibilities. You can self-manage the resources or we can provide you a project manager to best manage the resources time, tasks and productivity. You only focus on your business goals and we handle the rest. 

Working with IT teams over the years in different formats, we have developed processes and expertise to handle it best

Understanding your needs and finding the right resource, is a tough battle. We can win it with the right processes for talent procurement to training and matching roles. We did it in-house for years but to do it on a bigger scale we have developed 

We are building the digital workforce of future at is a comprehensive platform for technology talent procurement and management. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for talent assessment, interviews scheduling, online interviews, recording interview feedback, talent score system, and tagging them to the right categories. It’s a hybrid system using both artificial intelligence as well as human intelligence to make final decisions.

We specialize in working remotely for our clients located all over the world. So we think we can devise the best system to build and manage teams to work remotely for you. If you work with us you will have a seamless experience working with our teams. We are available in any time zone in the world. Try us!

01. Free to Join

Use the system for Free and only pay when you hire someone.

02. Admin Panel

Easy to use admin panel to search, sort, shortlist, interview, and finalize resources

03. Live Reporting

You get to see your resources live online for the time they do your work

04. Consistency

We provide you continuity in resources by using information management systems

Not sure how to get started?

Talk to us and we will listen to your ideas, goals and requirements and propose you a plan to move forward. 

Are you ready to make your business more productive?