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Why we choose Figma to design user experience for our mobile and web apps?

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We have been using Adobe Creative Suite for most of our design jobs for UI/UX, Social and Print from the last many years. But from some time we have started to enjoy more some of the SaaS based design tools such as Figma for following reasons.

  • It enables multiple users to work on same documents in real-time.
  • It connects with other services for icons, images etc. so you don’t need to download assets and add them manually to your designs.
  • It enables team members who don’t have Adobe software to edit the files as Figma is web based and Free.
  • It offers a lot of free assets, templates and UI/UX kits.
  • It speeds up our design process.
  • Easily share designs with teams and clients.
  • Build prototypes that navigate.

Let us know which software are you using for your design needs and why.