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AbmaSoft Launched Social Media Top Trends Aggregator Mobile App for Android


Project Date

August 26, 2022

Project type

Project Overview

eTrenders is a social media top trends aggregator providing top trends, history, predictions, and trendsetters/influencers behind the trends. We can change location to see top trends from any other part of the world as well. The mobile app is equipped with notifications and you get alerts when something new starts trending in your region.

Take a look to our challenges

Our main challenge was to fetch and store information automatically and run analysis on top of it to produce value added information. We also needed to control the number of API calls we send out to the social networks to refresh data. To handle that we built a smart layer of caching to control the number of API calls.

World’s first smart social media top trends aggregator

Download the Android APP from Google Play Store

We are working on the IOS version and will release the app on Apple Store in the coming months.