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Laravel, Our choice of PHP framework for rapid application development

laravel our choice

Why we are coding in Laravel Build Headless Applications With Laravel

People are connected with a wide range of devices and operating systems today. To make an application accessible to everyone it needs to have versions for different platforms such as Andriod, IOS, Windows, and Web. However, central information needs to reside on an Online Server or Cloud to serve the clients. We needed a backend platform which is equipped with API’s and can act as a headless application to serve data to any front end application.

Laravel is fully equipped with APIs and is a great platform for any PHP developer to build headless applications for any platform. We have multiple options to build the front ends using Flutter (for Andriod, IOS, Web), Vue.js, and or traditioned Bootstrap/jQuery front end for web.

Security Features in Laravel Framework

Hosting business applications online accessible to public means your site or application will face hacking attempts and security threats. Laravel framework provides extensive security features and makes the life of a developer easy. However, one must follow the best practices in order to increase the security of your application. Laravel provides secure folder structure and must be followed when building apps. More also if you write your middleware smartly you can stop unauthorized access requests at all times. We will write another blog only for on the security elements and how we can achieve ISO27001 security standards with Laravel.

Rapid Application Development with Laravel

How long you need to code an MVP application after the designs and front end is ready? We built MVP apps in just less than a month with only two developers, using Laravel 8 Jetstream with Livewire. It’s amazingly fast, and we did not expect to finish coding that fast. Credit goes to the Laravel Framework and the Open Source community sharing great code with others.

Laravel with Flutter for Mobile Applications

Flutter 2 is promising Andriod, IOS, and Web applications all with with Flutter app. We are preparing to write our first application with headless backend on Laravel and Front-end on Flutter 2. It will be a revolutionary build saving a lot of coding and management time to handle multiple applications.

We Are Here To Help with Any Laravel Development Requirements

Do you have an existing app or want to develop a new one? We can help. Get started today by getting in touch with us and share your requirements. We provide upfront consultation, quote, and samples free of any cost or commitment.

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