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Key Elements to Build Stable & Flexible Software Applications 

Key Elements to build software

In the software development process, the most important aspect of the software is the structure of the code and the design of the application. Although it’s not visible just like the foundations of a building, it’s most important to keep a structure standing. If your software structure is not designed properly, you will face problems in managing the software and in its expansion. 

Let’s put up a small example. We all use CSS but if we do not define and use proper classes to manage design aspects, and use inline styles in the HTML. That will result in issues whenever you are making any changes. 

The design will work anyway, even if you have proper CSS defined or use inline classes. But when it comes to speed, quality, and flexibility – CSS will win against inline styles in HTML. 

Similarly, if our application is not built in a proper object-oriented style. The developers will end up writing more lines of code and with less stability and control over the application. If we make proper objects, and functions – they can be reused in the application and whenever we need to upgrade or make a change we upgrade the core objects, and that updates the functionality throughout the application. Otherwise, it’s a big mess in making changes in the application. 

Generally, we feel that building specialized objects and functions is more time-consuming and newbies especially tend to write everything in the same files. But if we spend a little extra time on the start of a project and build it with the right professional structure. It will save hundreds of hours in bug fixing and upgrades in the application. 

This approach is suitable for all aspects of software development including designing the front end or the backend development. For example, in Figma, we design the UI with a proper design system, by defining the color scheme, and typography, and creating components of all important UI elements. We can manage the design and build additional screens with ease. Suppose if we have defined colors in Figma and our primary color is RED, and at some point, we want to enhance the primary color to another shade of RED we will simply modify the defined RED color and it will automatically update the RED color on all elements used. 

There can be multiple ways and methods to accomplish a task, but we must choose the most appropriate approach which brings stability and flexibility to your software solutions. 

We always guide our teams to design and develop software using the object-oriented approach. If you need help streamlining your software development project. Or need a professional opinion on your application’s security, stability, and usability. You can contact us for a free review of your application.