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Is your Website Compliant with GDPR / ADA / WCAG standards?


Setting up a website is easy but needs extra work to make it fully secure, not only for the business but also making it safe for your customers and visits is important and legally binding. Governments all over the world are enforcing these digital laws with GDPR, ADA, and other similar standards such as ISO27001. 

Today in this blog we want to address both, security and accessibility compliance. Why it’s important to be compliant with these standards and how you can do that with ease. 

Awareness is the first step. There are many examples that some companies being sued by a user for not being able to access their website. Organizations need to provide an equal opportunity for all types of users including the ones with disabilities. For example, your website should be ready for blind people to easily find information from it. It should work well with screen readers. 

There are many Free and Paid tools & services available to test your websites for accessibility compliance. For example, you can use – it will give you a score for your website and if it’s compliant or not. It will also give you a list of issues that you can fix by working with a developer. 

Websites having a score less than 75% are at risk of accessibility lawsuits. 

If you follow these standards, it will not only safeguard you from any lawsuits but also provide a better user experience and accessibility options for everyone. 

Similarly, security is also very important for any website or web application for both the company and its users. Keeping your digital safe should be a priority and these standards enforce companies to follow the security standards to provide the best safety measures to their customers. 

Some of the key security measures we should take are as follows: 

  • Use 2FA authentication for logins 
  • Use SSL and Database encryption to keep data encrypted both in transition and at rest.
  • Do risk analysis and build a disaster management plan with recovery options. 
  • Use CDN to add an additional layer of security to your application. 
  • Use data centers that are compliant with top industry standards. 

Accessibility and security compliance are big subjects and we will share more thoughts and experiences in our future blogs. If you are interested in an audit of your digital assets for compliance you can reach out to us for a free review and quote to make your websites and web applications compliant and secure you from lawsuits.