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In-office vs Remote work

AbmaSoft Blog

Humans worked on-site since the stone age but in this digital era working remotely is the new normal. 

You may disagree with our findings, but firms that use remote teams effectively are far more productive than those that continue to rely on in-office methods. As more individuals were compelled to quarantine and work from home in 2020, remote work became in popularity. The ability to hire people from all around the country is a big advantage of remote employment. You can locate people with talents and expertise that aren’t prevalent in your region if you have a larger applicant pool. Access to remote personnel might also help you maintain a more consistent pricing structure.

With the rapid growth in the number of remote workers and the evident benefits of working from home, many companies are now offering remote work as a permanent benefit to their employees. As working from home increases more productivity than in-office. 
Going to the workplace has been the standard for ages but in this digital age, remote working is a reality with the use of advanced technologies. Traveling in big cities daily almost all over the world is a hectic routine. It’s just too much traffic out there and it consumes a lot of time and energy to reach your workplace.

Although there are certain benefits of working under one roof offering better coordination and control for the companies. And since they are not trained and equipped for remote working it becomes difficult for their work with remote teams. However, there are many global tech companies working today with all-remote teams.