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Fuel Prices & Remote Working

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The fuel price hike is affecting all nations and Pakistan is one of the most affected after the new government came in and amplified the prices. 

We are advocating for remote work in the tech industry ever since the Covid pandemic and now in the fuel crisis, we can once again rely on it to reduce fuel consumption. As well as save time and hassle in traveling every day to the workplace.

I guess in future if businesses want to bring their staff to their premises they should also offer adjacent residences to save time and travel costs. Whenever AbmaSoft will go for its in-house working facility we will make sure we take care of this aspect. 

For now, we are very happy and focused on the remote workforce. We have been sharing tips from time to time on tackling issues involved with remote working and making the most out of it. 

In the given circumstances remote working is very beneficial for both the company and the team. Key team members at AbmaSoft are realizing the opportunity it’s opening up to engage a larger and more versatile workforce from all over Pakistan and help them work together seamlessly with our years of experience working for offshore companies and teams.

We are spending more time with families and traveling by choice and not force. Especially after the soaring high fuel prices commuting to the office every day could be very costly and may take away most of the monthly salary of an employee.