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AbmaSoft Recap 2021 – Accomplishments

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With the grace of God, we completed our first year in business with AbmaSoft. Despite the pandemic, lockdowns, and crisis worldwide we managed to pull off. The experience of our management team working remotely with their partners abroad for more than a decade really helped us stay in motion.

However, it was challenging to build a remote workforce in Pakistan. Resources had little or no training to work from home but being in the digital industry helped and the growing culture of online freelancing also enabled many IT resources to work on their own from the comfort of their homes.

We started AbmaSoft with just three resources in Jan 2021 and have grown to a team of 11 in the year. Completed more projects than we were anticipating in the circumstances. We worked hard on adopting new technologies and wrote some fresh code using the latest stacks available in 2021.

Among all the tech we built in 2021 – the solution we developed for team productivity for NovusActus is the most promising. It is a very unconventional control and management of the application. It was great working with Brian Peterson and Nezha Peterson to design and build the application.

We are ready for 2022 and are looking forward to more challenges 🙂