Future-Ready CRM Solution

Empower your organization with the most cost-effective and agile CRM solution built with the world’s top Open Source technologies. Our enterprise-ready agile CRM solution has even more features than Salesforce provides for a higher price. Our CRM offers you the best available solutions with escalated usability and unlimited features. Get it all in one package for one predictable price.

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Key Modules Of Agile CRM


Leads Module


Organize and follow up with your sales leads coming from different sources. Assign leads to resources in your organization to build a sales funnel.

Accounts Module


Store, manage, and track all information related to an organization (client) working with your company.

Contacts Module


Manage a directory of all contacts your organization gets in touch with during the business. Maintain relations and history of the contact communication & engagement.

Task Module


Improve the performance of your sales team by assigning them actionable tasks and a way to record, relate, and monitor the progress on the tasks assigned.

Opportunities Module


Leads convert to qualified sales opportunities in the next steps of the sales funnel. Manage the process with secure, trackable information relating to opportunity costs and contacts.

PDF Templates Module


Build templates for Quotes, Invoices, and Contracts within your CRM.

Products Module


Build a catalog of the company products or services to be included in Quotes when prepared by the sales team.

Quotes Module


Create, issue, and track quotations sent to the company prospects. A quote can be easily converted to an invoice once the client accepts the quote.

Calls Module


Keep track of all the scheduled calls, including inbound and outbound calls history that are associated with the account.

Campaigns Module


Create, execute, and evaluate marketing campaigns in various stages. It helps organize all associated tasks, events, and calls related to the campaign.

Documents Module


Manage, store, and maintain a repository for customer issues and internal documents. Contents can be uploaded, revised, and connected to individual records with the CRM.

Emails Module


Create shared inboxes for your teams, such as for sales & support emails. View, store, compose, send and receive emails from users’ email account or the shared inbox.

Workflow Module


Automate actions based on certain conditions set in the workflow module. It allows organizations to eliminate the need for manual tasks and to free your team time for what matters the most.

Invoices Module


Create, track, and issue bills from your company to your customers. These invoices can be generated easily from an existing Quote in the CRM.


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