Accounting / Invoicing


Take control of your financial management with AbmaSoft. Double entry web based accounting and invoicing systems available for SMEs.


Agile CRM


State of the art CRM solutions available. Flexible and adoptable to help you build the sales funnel for your company.


Asset Management


Save your organization money in managing assets both physical and virtual. Manage your software licenses including renewals and much more.


Big Data Analytics


Equip your organization with machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to manage and analyse your big data. Build information out of your data.


Community Forums


Need community forums for discussions? Looking for something advanced in this proven method of communication. Contact us today!


Content Management System


CMS solutions available from simple websites to corporate multi level content management. Let’s see what fits your requirements best.


Digital Communication


Live one-to-one chat, group chat, and video conferencing solutions for your team. Chat bots for support inquiries are available.


Digital Experience Platform DXP


Work with our Digital Experience Platform to provide your organization a platform which can evolve in the future with your needs.


Digital Marketing


Solutions and services are available to market your products, services or brand using digital mediums. We guarantee best ROI on the campaigns we design.




Wide range of eCommerce solutions available from a niche online store to multi-store mega malls. Ready off the shelf solutions available.


Electronic Elections


Get a verifiable online easy to use voting system guaranteeing security, vote privacy and verifiable. The system is GDPR compliant.


Enterprise Suite


Tired of data scattered all over different applications in your enterprise? We can provide you a unified experience with integrated Enterprise Suite


Knowledge Management


World’s best large scale knowledge management solution Wiki available in different flavors. Consult us today to help suggest the best solution.


Learning Management System LMS


Different types of LMS apps are available. Best fit for educational institutes, universities and schools to provide their students online learning platform.


Managed Cloud Servers


Reliable and easy on pocket cloud solutions to host all your digital assets. Industry leading scale-able cloud infrastructure with live backup features. Take control of your data.


Meeting and Agenda Management


Make the most out of our organizational meetings with our meetings management application. Build and track meeting agenda, minutes and decisions.


Open Procurement System


Improve your financial and operational efficiency with Open Procurement System. Create, monitor and qualify suppliers based on proven processes.


Other – Custom Solution


If you can’t find a suitable solution for your problem here you may want to develop a bespoke solution just for your specific needs.


Project Management


Boost your project management with centralized tasks, comments, issues, milestones, working hours, rates, payouts to team and more.


Property Management System


State of the art solutions for real estate industry to manage, rent or sale your properties. Manage your real estate portfolio, rent contracts and more.


Remote Team Collaboration


Improve your team performance by equipping them with state-of-the-art collaboration tools.


Remote Workforce


Highly skilled and trained resources to take care of different types of tasks for your organization available 24x7x365.


Surveys & Feedback System


Corporate surveys and feedback systems for hospitality enterprises to measure guest satisfaction and bring improvement in their services.


Web Directories


Build any sort of online directories equipped with maps, self-register, payments for subscriptions, and more. Dynamic categories, tags, and other search engine tools included.


No Need To Build, Host And Manage Software Applications

AbmaSoft is offering software applications as PaaS. Custom-built cloud platforms for your specific needs.

AbmaSoft PaaS Solutions