– social media trends and trendsetters analysis – version1.0 launched

We are proud to announce which is a project by our social media and marketing teams. Twitter without a doubt is the fastest medium today in the world to get local news from the people themselves. Large number of users use it to share and find latest news and feedback. From celebrities to common people everyone hooked up to the Internet seems to have a Twitter account today.

At you can find out what the world is thinking right now. All latest trends analysis and active users are listed. These active users are the trendsetters who are playing important role for any topic to trend. More detailed analysis will be provided with predictions of upcoming trends.

Plan is to add more social networks to eTrenders and show top trending videos from YouTube and Images from Instagram. Hence giving a full picture of top trending topics and media using the social media API’s. This is our first of many planned widgets and applications designed for social media networks which will enhance the user experience and empower us to reach more people for our clients and associates.

Please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback, suggestions or questions.

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