Design graphics on the fly

We have been designing for web, print and other digital mediums from more than two decades. Using Adobe graphics suite extensively, without any competition. But since we love Open Source software and are always hunting new open source technologies. We wanted to examine some photoshop alternatives and we came across GIMP for LINUX which is quite powerful but since its layout, options and usability is different than Photoshop its not easy to shift to GIMP from Photoshop. But we continued the quest and found which solved many of our problems and gave us a good alternative to Photoshop for making quick edits to images.

I was able to work with it instantly and it’s impressive. Pixlr controls are quite similar to Photoshop and in no time I was able to export an image. Emad Wasim (Graphics Designer) has three web applications:

  1. Editor (Browser photo editor like Photoshop)
  2. Express (Quick photo effects, filters, stickers and more)
  3. O Matic (Turn photos into cool vintage images)

Pixlr Editor is a full scale image editor like Photoshop

While the other two applications can ads quick effects and adjustments.
We recommend pixlr to expert designers as well as normal users who want to add some effects to their images using the free web based application.

Pixlr Basic Intro and Editor Interface

Some key features of using Pixlr web based image editor

  • Free Software (Nothing to pay)
  • No installation / maintenance required
  • Use on any machine
  • Desktop and mobile application
  • Similar Editor interface as of Photoshop to quickly adopt to the software

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