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The 21st-century work culture has introduced radical changes in workplace environments among whom remote work opportunities are the most trending these days. A vast number of overseas companies hire remote workers to cut their administrative costs and embrace work flexibility and efficiency of work by their employees.

A number of off-shore companies get intimidated while following the prolonged hiring process due to the high number of applications they receive. At Abmasoft, we provide you support to hire remote employees for your organization easily through us. We provide you with the most proficient employees according to the employment type and job description.

Why Us?

With the enormous amount of applications that employers receive, it becomes almost impossible to go through each application and find the best fit for the job. Most of the employers are afraid of hiring unreliable resources who might later lead to unfinished projects and fragmented team communication.

Our team ensures that the resources provided to you are reliable enough to fulfill the job tasks in a timely manner. A number of sites today such as freelancer.com, UpWork.com, etc. provide remote resources, however, they do not guarantee the reliability and potency of the candidates. At AbmaSoft, we make sure that the provided resources are the most reliable and not sedentary.

Feature Other Marketplaces like Upwork AbmaSoft.com Remote Workforce
Project Monitoring Marketplaces do not monitor the provided resources. Our project managers monitor all remote workers working for different clients for quality of work produced and to maintain privacy policies.
Selection You need to go through a number of candidates to find the right person. With us, you don’t have to worry about the hassle to review a dozen candidates. We shortlist the best candidates for you.
Platform Marketplaces provide a basic platform to communicate between two parties (buyer and seller) We provide an advanced platform for clients to manage their resources and keep records of the tasks completed for effective communication.
Replacement Marketplaces lack to provide replacements if the provided resource is not available. This leads to a never ending loop of searching for new candidates every now and then. With us, you never need to start over the hassle again. We provide you with substitutes who would work on the task from where the former resource left.
Trainings Commercial marketplaces fail to provide any essential training to the provided resources. We provide ultimate learning and mentorship training to the resources using top-notch technologies to optimize their learning.
Pricing Unpredictable pricing as every supplier bids his/her own price for the work. Predictable standard pricing based on skills and experience level required.
Time Scanning dozens of resumes, shortlisting candidates, bidding rates for their services, and providing in-house training consumes a lot of time and energy. We assign a free-of-cost project manager with you who will communicate with you to make sure your remote team is working according to your requirements. Hence, you save your precious time and energy.

Resources Available

Graphic Designers

They highlight your unique values to your clients by saving your money and time with their creative visionary illustrations.

Software Developers

These quick-witted, brainstorming, analytical masterminds deliver best softwares for you to cater your problems productively.

Content Writers

With their expertise in writing blogs, product descriptions and research articles they deliver vetted content to engage maximum audiences.

Project Monitoring

They ensure successful profitable deliverance of your projects by scrutinizing the project from the initialization phase to closure.


They design storyboards, visually appealing designs and eye-catching animations through their distinguished adaptability and receptiveness to feedback.

Digital Marketing Associates

With their SEO and advertising tactics, they execute online marketing campaigns for your businesses to attract audiences online.

Game Developers

With their elusive and tempting techniques they design, program and test games for you to get the best user interface and user-friendly games.

Business Developers

Creative and experienced business development managers equipped with latest tools & techniques are available to help grow your business.

Marc Laporte CEO EvoluData.com sharing his experience working with us