How Knowledge Management Can Boost Organizational Performance

Building an active Knowledge Management System (KMS) plays a critical role in the continuity and improvement in any organization’s performance. If you do not convert the knowledge of your team members into a well-organized structure, you may lose all that knowledge when your resource walks out of your office. To preserve your organizational culture, you need a knowledge management system!

Fact Sheet

Technology Features Comparison
Open Source Groupware Ready To Deploy
Free License Data Mining & OLAP No Per User Pricing
Ongoing Upgrades Decision Support System No Features Limit
Customizable Document Management Free Consultation
No Data Lock-In Artificial Intelligence Tools Customized Solution
Self Host Simulation Tools After Sale Support
Cloud Solution Mobile Ready Trainers Available


No Need To Build, Host And Manage Software Applications

AbmaSoft is offering software applications as PaaS. Custom-built cloud platforms for your specific needs.

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