Asset Management

Auto-track your company assets like never before

Let us save your time and money in managing the organization assets, both fixed and liquid assets. It is important for a business to be able to manage and utilize it in the best possible manner. With the asset management application, we can tell where the assets are located, how they are used, and when changes were made to them. The whole process ensures that asset recovery will lead to better returns.

With the use of the assets management system, incidents of thefts are lowered. Proper accounting of the asset recovery process will ensure that the company maximizes the returns with no items lost during the process.

Fact Sheet

Technology Features Comparison
Open Source Mobile ready Ready to Deploy
Web Based Slack Notification No per user pricing
Admin/User Dashboards Integration No features limit
Free License JSON REST API Free Consultation
Ongoing Upgrades Translated into other Customized Solution
Customizable languages Mobile Ready
No Data Lock-In Per-user language support After Sale Support
Self Host One-Click (or Cron) Trainers Available
Cloud Solution backups Demo Available