Intelligent Solutions to Empower Businesses With Adaptable Accounting Transformations

Track Your Expenses, Personalize Invoices, Run Reports- All Under One Roof.

Managing your budget is a crucial part of your business, and proper accounting software could make all of the difference! To assist you to pick the best software that suits your business, we provide you with accounting solutions that fit your business requirements according to your scale.

Our accounting and invoicing software solutions take away your pain of invoice, leaving you with hassle-free work, with simplified invoices and online payment methods. Our solutions are geared primarily for small businesses and medium-sized businesses to provide you self-hosted Open Source software for managing your complete billing circle. Our unique features include but are not limited to:

  • A multi-language interface
  • Customized invoices
  • Multilingual Admin & Client Panel
  • 100% Financial Data Ownership
  • User-friendly UI with different themes and plugins
  • Various PDF templates
  • Different payment providers

Our accounting solutions also include a one-click payment method eases the online payments between clients with multiple payment providers to provide you with more options than ever.

We customize accounting and invoicing applications such as Akaunting and InvoicePlane for you according to your needs and present the best possible solutions to our clients!